Corey Gwin

Intercom, Olark, GoSquared, Kayako, etc. Which is the best? Go!

i think drift offers a free plan now too if you're strapped on cash.

We're using Drift's free plan at #nowelizator (in combination with their iOS and Android apps for push notifications on the go) and it works like a charm πŸ‘Œ

Javi RamΓ­rez

How do you deal with anxiety?

Meditation, deep breathing, magnesium/ashwagandha, positive self talk, good diet/hydration/etc, music, mindfulness, essential oils

Mind sharing any concrete examples of meditation routines, exercises, music...? I'm afraid I'm a total noob in this field

I like using the app Insight Timer but Headspace/Calm is a great start for beginners. Also just reading some general books about meditation can provide some instruction... learning about breath management and bodyscanning is great too. The breath is a huge factor in anxiety management.

Will read about body scan meditation + breath management. Thanks!

I should also say studying topics like buddhism, taoism and other eastern philosophy has drastically changed my life for good.