I built instaaa.com
  • 📅 Oct '17
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add and hook up service status icon #instaaa
fix mobile issues and clean up turbolinks #instaaa
set up cron to automatically test if directories are dead/down and remove from list #instaaa
fix lag on firefox when submitting form #instaaa
hire someone to filter through and build out directories so I can categorise these and feed them into bolt #instaaa
add categories and filters to submissions so I can later let ai sort #instaaa
automate twitter and facebook pages via zapier #instaaa
add padding under the second step on status #instaaa
hire someone to clean up code and fix errors #instaaa
test systemui font/change font site wide #instaaa
post job listing for someone to clean up code on upwork #instaaa
tidy and add stand to desk for macbook
fix google analytics breaking with turbolinks #instaaa