buy some dancing shoes
create landing page to collect contact details of interested people #app
add a view of code snippets to the side of the item in search #app
add a subscription payment page to the app #app
create design for login page #app
create design for search snippets page #app
create design for basic settings page #app
add basic authentication to server graphql routes
add a logout button to the app #app
add route guards to auth and snippets pages #app
add a page with a list of all a users snippets #app
watch the "Wait But Why" ted talk
add form for creating a new snippet with the contents and a quick search key e.g. "react-simple-form" #app
add user sign in page #app
enable a user to create a copy a snippet to the clipboard #app
add user sign up page #app
authenticate users with GitHub auth #app
authenticate users with GitHub auth #app
dance like nobodys watching! 🕺