Jeff Maddux
Sacramento, CA
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  • 📅 Apr '18
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create table and form view in airtable to collect testimonials and success stories #accountantlist
create employer resources page #accountantlist
update Airtable records with new companies, tech and services #accountantlist
add year founded custom employer field #accountantlist
add custom fields to employer profiles for business, tax, and personal services offered #accountantlist
tweet out featured job posting with top 3 benefits highlighted to test engagement #remoteaccountingjobs
connect Twitter and RSS feeds from job board and blogs to bring in entries for new issues #remoteinaccounting
use Revue newsletter app for easily sending out weekly newsletters #remoteinaccounting
announce newsletter on Twitter and in community to get initial subscribers #remoteinaccounting
create ugly logo for newsletter #remoteinaccounting
use already purchased domain to forward to newsletter #remoteinaccounting
create weekly newsletter for what’s happening remote accounting related #remoteinaccounting
create and launch State of Remote Accounting Jobs 2018 Survey for job seekers #remoteaccountingjobs
update job widget to display job type (full-time, part-time, etc.), salary, and the first snippet of job description to job listings. #remoteaccountingjobs
Screenshot 2018-07-17 10.14.01.png
create Remote Accountant Salary Guide & Survey #remoteaccountingjobs
create Remote Accountant Career Resources page #remoteaccountingjobs
Screenshot 2018-07-17 10.11.15.png
update ‘Our Promise’ section #remoteaccountingjobs
Screenshot 2018-07-17 10.07.00.png
updated community name to Lifestyle Accountant PRO to reflect upcoming premium community launch #lifestyleacctpro
Lifestyle Accountant PRO.png
launched new blog series called ‘A Day In the Life of a Remote Accountant’ #remoteaccountingjobs
A Day in the Life of a Remote Accountant.png
added company culture and hiring questions to company profile page #remoteaccountingjobs
added candidate profiles to #remoteaccountingjobs
updated website template for better design #lifestyleaccountant
added webpage for searching benefits offered by employer and relevant job board search link #remoteaccountingjobs