📺 finished of the #gameofthrones series finale which means my productivity will be up +100% on Sundays #mylife
converted more management commands to telegram commands #conf
pushed more dotfiles updates #mylife
updated my hammerspoon monitor config in my dotfiles #mylife
🎨 switch back to tailwind css ~0.7 from ~1.0 versus rushing it. The new shiny is amazing, but my shipping date can't slip because of a redesign. #conf
refactored a management command into a shared celery task and command #conf
refactored all management commands to be more clear in what they do and from where they pull data #conf
added a /twitter_list command which pulls conference data which is saved in a public/private list #conf
updated telegram bot to buffer stdout and return the output #conf
more django-lifecycle integration including switching all slug-field integration over to it #conf
Switched project over to use django-lifecycle to test out. It's really nice so far #conf
updated gitlab-ci.yml to cache better and build our main docker image #conf
trying out django-lifecycle to fix some workflow issues with my model history/revisions #conf
more tailwindcss template fixes #conf
added support for django-sesame for one-time / frictionless authentication #conf
monthly running club meeting #mylife