Marc KΓΆhlbrugge

What are some of your favorite bash scripts?

ShellCheck is great for linting / spotting potential errors with your shell scripts.

HomeSick is great for managing your dotfiles. Even though it's Ruby, it makes managing shell scripts pretty easy.


python question: how get output python subprocess ?ΒΏ

You might check out how works under the hood.

im using envoy, and not really like i will give a changes to delegator i see the block params if it works

Marc KΓΆhlbrugge

How do you store and manage your API keys?

I have used 1Password for years and it's great. I'll store api keys, etc in Secure Notes and mostly on the servers via .env files or environment variables.

Guillaume Besson - Geekuillaume

How do you backup your database?

I automated my nightly backups using the schickling/postgres-backup-s3 docker image. If you don't use docker this is overkill. However, if you do use docker, this is a pretty small process which backs up postgres and uploads it to s3. postgres-restore-s3 is nice for restoring backups should you need it. This is also nice for production => dev server (or local server).