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Amazon has had an amazing deal recently with 0% financing for 5 to 6-months but I'm not sure if it's only available in the US or not (just throwing that out for anyone considering it) on most of the Apple lines right now.

That said, if you can get financing for less that 4% to 5% then I think it's a great investment in yourself.

Last time I used MailChimp they had support for this.

That would be fantastic! And just today did I sign up for a new Mailchimp account. I’ll check and report back on what I can find.

This functionality is very important to me and an educational side project of mine.

Thanks @Jeff!

Mailchimp is great for this. Just remember to set fallback/default values for name. https://mailchimp.com/help/set-default-merge-values/

Great tip @EbrahimKhalilHassen - will do 🙏

AirPods are my daily wear. When I travel or just want a good listening experience, I tend to fall back on an 8-year-old pair of Shure which are in-ear monitors (very little bass but music sounds as it was recorded and meant to be heard). I'm sure anything in their SE2xx, SE3xx, or SE4xx series would be great. I have never tried their wireless products though so ymmv.

I am not aware of one either. Sorry, I didn’t know you were looking for an Android app.

Ahh no worries I found Castbox

Overcast it my go to for a number of years. Smart Speed (removes pauses), voice boost (normalizes voices to one volume), and variable playback speed have kept me using it for years. All of these features are included in the free app and there’s a affordable subscribe option to support the developer.

I don't think it has android version

I am not aware of one either. Sorry, I didn’t know you were looking for an Android app.

Ahh no worries I found Castbox

Another vote for Overcast. It’s a great app and I want to support the developer (Marco Arment) for both pushing the market forward (many podcasting apps seems to copy his features) + fighting for independent podcasting as there’s a lot of Big Money coming to podcasting trying to monopolize the market.

Wow just looked at the clip sharing feature it's amazing. Too bad I have an Android 😂

ShellCheck is great for linting / spotting potential errors with your shell scripts.

HomeSick is great for managing your dotfiles. Even though it's Ruby, it makes managing shell scripts pretty easy.

You might check out how delegator.py works under the hood. https://github.com/kennethreitz/delegator.py

im using envoy, and not really like i will give a changes to delegator i see the block params if it works

I have used 1Password for years and it's great. I'll store api keys, etc in Secure Notes and mostly on the servers via .env files or environment variables.

I automated my nightly backups using the schickling/postgres-backup-s3 docker image. If you don't use docker this is overkill. However, if you do use docker, this is a pretty small process which backs up postgres and uploads it to s3. postgres-restore-s3 is nice for restoring backups should you need it. This is also nice for production => dev server (or local server).