add average costs to event / places
add refresh_events task to re-queue/re-import existing events
add ability to show interest in an event
add landing page and signup form
🎌 add country flags to my place database
add population numbers to places
name default import bot and add to default setup to track changes
create cfp tracking details
Add tags to events (can later influence topics)
create topic models
add tests to test my event scraper
add support for topics
add hotel details to event
automate screenshots for user submitted events. maybe use:
add suggested events
configure schickling/postgres-restore-s3 to automoate copying production backups => dev server nightly
add pro account options
add ability to say you are attending an event
conference date picker based on holidays and other regional / noteworthly conferences
add rss/atom support for getting place/content updates
travel profiles by day
create topic scraper
create frontend scaffold
create add event flow
add parent event support
add twitter place tracking support by hashtag and account
:tv: Build YouTube Video tool to associate youtube videos with our conference data