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Jeff's Life
My boring life
Personal Goals
✅ Personal goals made public 😄
Awesome Django
A curated list of awesome things related to Django.
Takeout, delivery, and curbside info for LFK restaurants
Django News
One stop shop for what's new in Django
Django/Python/Docker consulting
GitHub Actions Tips
GitHub Actions Tips
Just gadgets I want to buy or have bought.
Hidden files for setting up my machines.
It's an opinionated email rules engine.
DjangoCon US
A six-day international Django conference held in the USA.
Tech Conferences
Building the IMDB for Tech Conferences
Days Until Late Night
Countdown until KU Jayhawk Basketball's Late Night
Jeff Triplett dot com
My personal website about technology and life.
Python/Django in the Fortune 500
Python/Django in the Fortune 500
General research
My bots/automations
My House
My smart home
Packing App
An app to make packing easier