worked out an issue for how to do version control on my Event datastructure #conf
🍽 had dinner and drinks with a few Django friends in town. #mylife
helped troubleshoot a few day job client issues #mylife
started a new dayjob side project and got about 50% feature complete #mylife
updated existing importer to include topics with events #conf
created an importer to pull in GitHub's tech topics. This fits my model really well #conf
worked on topic model again and added new fields inspired by GitHub’s public topics. #conf
🐳 tried to add docker release version to my ci process #conf
worked on approval queue #conf
added tests for even views #conf
rewrote conference importers to run by themselves every day. #conf
πŸ“ rewrote my event views titles and view names to be more SEO friendly #conf
🏑 installed a new Orbi mesh router πŸ“Ά in my house. Not a fan so far. #mylife