day jobed all-the-things and family popped into town #mylife
✏ updated dotfiles to add pipx support #mylife
🏢 finished up day job and working on a few things tonight to be ultra prepared for tomorrow and a possible family visit #mylife
🤖 converted more management commands to Telegram bots. why doesn't everyone do this? #conf
🤖 fixed slackbot output from our twitter list importer #conf
✨ added two-dozen+ new conferences to our dataset #conf
✨ added a new list of lists to help discover new conference lists via twitter lists of conferences #conf
🐛🤖 fixed a twitter-list import error where line breaks would bust telegram if too long #conf
📺 finished of the #gameofthrones series finale which means my productivity will be up +100% on Sundays #mylife
🤖 converted more management commands to telegram commands #conf
✏ pushed more dotfiles updates #mylife
✏ updated my hammerspoon monitor config in my dotfiles #mylife
🎨 switch back to tailwind css ~0.7 from ~1.0 versus rushing it. The new shiny is amazing, but my shipping date can't slip because of a redesign. #conf