updated existing importer to include topics with events #conf
created an importer to pull in GitHub's tech topics. This fits my model really well #conf
worked on topic model again and added new fields inspired by GitHub’s public topics. #conf
🐳 tried to add docker release version to my ci process #conf
worked on approval queue #conf
added tests for even views #conf
rewrote conference importers to run by themselves every day. #conf
πŸ“ rewrote my event views titles and view names to be more SEO friendly #conf
🏑 installed a new Orbi mesh router πŸ“Ά in my house. Not a fan so far. #mylife
πŸ”Ό Upgraded #dayjob website to latest Django 2.2 and Wagtail 2.5 and rolled out into production. Only real hiccup was minor pagination updates. #mylife
worked on notifications/activity view #conf
πŸŽ‰ hanging out tonight to monitor our big client demo and first time Square's Marketplace API has been launched #mylife #dayjob