✨ Jeff Triplett ✨
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  • 📍 Lawrence
  • 📅 Aug '18
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🐘 fixed some deploy issues, deployed a bunch of new db changes, updated to make mypy happy #conf
updated project to use mypy and switched environment library over to environs which is pretty neat #conf
meal prepped for the week and researched a few projects #mylife
updated django-starterproject OSS project #mylie
🏀 watching basketball before a wedding #mylife
finished day job for the week with some new ideas #revsys
🚜 Moved from django-environ to environs[django] #conf
🎨 Created a half dozen new tailwind screens for a project #mylife
🐳 finished a new set of Dockerfiles which are optimzied for Django 1.11 to 3.0 and Python 3.7 which makes development easier #mylife
🔨 picked up https://tailwind.build and mocked up several project screens #mylife