🎨 shipped a few UI updates to side git issue side project #revsys
🚀 updated day job website to sort out some confusing bits #revsys
🚀 first 24 to 48 hour period of issue tracking website being in production and staying up without breaking a sweat #revsys
⬆️ updated a client's website from Django 1.11 + DRF to the latest/greated today #revsys
🎨 lots of font-awesome updates #revsys
🚀 setup ci/cd so that project deploys on test builds passing #revsys
🚀 staged a dayjob side project on my servers today to start getting feedback #revsys
🏊‍♂️ with 👶 and am wiped out #mylife
💡 added another side project idea to my queue #mylife
✅ pushed 2019 articles to GitHub #mylife
✅ updated link blog to save pinboard links to jekyll again #jeff
📌 🤖 updated my pinboard bot to handle dev.to links and pull their tags #mylife
🚜 added landing page to git issue tracking project and misc updates today #mylife
🐘 pushed user changes to events and topics along with some of the version control code #conf