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  • 📅 Aug '18
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updated tests for OSS project django-test-plus #mylife
💳 renewed my wip.chat membership for another year #mylife
🚙 drove back from Chicago in 9(ish) hours #mylife
🍗 ate leftover turkey all day #mylife
🐳 sketched out Dockerfiles for a new python and django OSS project #mylife
last day with the family in chicago with four kids under 4. #mylife
made Thanksgiving dinner a day later with the inlaws #mylife
🦃 celebrated Thanksgiving with my family #mylife
🤖 built a new code generator tool when I wasn't driving today. #mylife
🚘 made it to Chicago(ish) after 10 hours #mylife
🚘 driving to chicago with the family #conf
done with dayjob for the next five days #revsys
more caching changes to my docker + github actions setup #conf