🏀 took a half-day off for March Madness #mylife
updated series templates to group conference info linearly #conf
📝 Updated pagination and events review page template #conf
✅ updated historical conference data for 20+ conferences over lunch #conf
✅ create a moderation queue
📝 updated the event series template #conf
📝 added pagination to our event * list pages #conf
📝 Updated active events to exclude null start and end dates #conf
📝 Added a new events review page to make visually seeing event statuses easier with pagination #conf
🎆 tried to get https://mithril.js.org and parcel playing nice together, but it didn't quite click #conf
⚡ added caching support to my city importer to avoid pulling the datapackage on every run #conf
🐛 fixed a duplicate states bug in the place importer #conf
📝 Added date support for CFP event lists #conf
📝 Import from PC started #conf
📝 Updated import from twitter script #conf
📝 Adds CFP open, closed, and upcoming views #conf
🍴 dinner made, more day job, and worked on a new conference frontend. #conf #mylife
day jobbed but still managed to get a dozen conferences in my dataset added today #conf
meal prepped done for the week #mylife