See why emails are going to spam #varios
Finalize landing page! 😎✌️✌️#subzero
Modify marketing automation pane to use AJAX 100%
Move todo fields on top of todo list on dashboard
Modify company search to search the entire name, not just companies starting with xxx
Rename "Other" to "Invoice mail" in company addresses form
Remove "Egenproduktion" and "Handelsvarer" in marketing automation
Add "Square chocolate" to "Tidligere varer" section in marketting automation
Make sure design section opens everything in modal popups #varios
Create section for designs #varios
Add pagination #orders #varios
Add delivery date to delivery slips
Reopen order tabs on postback
Replace customer reference with order id in delivery slips
Make sure addresses are being shown for delivery slips
Fix delivery slip pdf generation
Make sure delivery slips are posted via ajax #varios
Add marketing automation to contact level