Made appt with my leadership coach #DOST
Replied to L's questions #DOST
Promoted on socialmedia during higher traffic time #ismovielikebook
Wrote to the folks I connected with last night, made plans, answered questions #diversitycareer
Spoke about new work at networking on stage and individually, and got people interested and/or helping #diversitycareer
Filled out Build application form #diversitycareer
Magic @pugson got my logo on telegram fixed #ismovielikebook
Created new logo for sharing #isthemovielikethebook
Public launch of to social media. 😄 (PH launch next week tho.) #ismovielikebook
Had good bi-weekly meeting #DOST
Submitted workshop for wcyvr #diversitycareer
Filling out more Preview Hunt #ismovielikebook
Asked FB to choose between my new logo ideas #ismovielikebook
Received awesome, updated gif for PH thumbnail from @marcantoinefon #ismovielikebook
Started working on my PH launch using PreviewHunt #ismovielikebook
Made plans to meet with D&I person at a well known company who can trade tips with me and probably help me think through career #diversitycareer
Met with person who wants to me to run a training at his company #diversitycareer
Prepped and presented for 2 meetings #DOST
Reviewed L's train the trainers material and made notes #DOST
put up captcha on new registration page to cut down on the number of spam accounts 😕 #ismovielikebook