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designed a new icon for sales and update everywhere #skillmap
re-styled refinement list and fixed a bug that broke popups! #skillmap
working refinement list on map. Users can now filter for a specific skill #skillmap
added newly computed dates to each chat, now splits between today time and date every past day #skillmap
totally rebuilt conversation ordering in the chatpanel, so it now sorts and builds the list from JSON #skillmap
added new generated emoji based on category (to add more variance to results of users that don't spend further time on their profile) #skillmap
added coworking space detail sections and improved map formatting #skillmap
not perfect but added an emoji keyboard to profile emoji field #skillmap
updated previously generic 1-liners to match new convention #skillmap
made one-liner less generic through customising for each primary_skill #skillmap
split local and prod environment variable management tools (boring but had to do) #skillmap
first pass at a #pw home screen
weekly pioneer submit & vote #pw
cleared stage 2 FotF fellowship
started building listing panel in Discover tab of social layer #skillmap
improvements to profile page and integration of Interests section #skillmap
added 2 new onboarding screens to enhance user bio completion and therefore product value to them and others #skillmap
added a concept of interests to #skillmap
submitted #zeropercent to a list of communities
made research plan to better understand the problem I'm trying to solve #pw #skillmap
successfully upgraded #zeropercent database
built connection discovery flow to add to onboarding experience – users get a 1st automatic connection, so connection requests isn't empty upon first visit and they have a first chat to begin with #skillmap