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create exhaustive test suite of events
integrate detailed currency data
make sure churn reflects on chartmogul mrr
test whether the response from calling a [email protected] endpoint with caching enabled gets cached and calling the endpoint from a different far away location reaches the backend or just gets you the cached response. Test with the same input
look into custom authorizers again and test latencies and invocation times
figure out ga goals and stripe
use google analytics to track signup events and their referer
automate deployment of ipdata staging
get really familiar with cloudfront/s3 and [email protected] docs
script to list all users, emails and their api keys
contact kevin lane about threat data
try godaddy domain buy service
make final ipdata blog payment
add tags to resources for easy cost explorer evaluation
write technical descriptions on threat data
write about our big update and what triggered it, wait about a week and post the update on ph and hn to see the response
compile email of customers to receive updates email and play aroudn with mailchimp/sendgrid templates to see what I can create
build pytricia for lambda env
create hey image and scripts for fast testing
create staging ipdata lambda function with test events - on lambda
change tor update frequency to daily
add date formatted to locale to time
add threat data to docs page
build lib for node on ec2
send user detailed breakdown of new infra and data and plans and sample data for threat api
asynchronously send logs to sentry in lambda?
add is_daylight_savings field to api
research lambda and how to update data quickly with new setup
make it possible for users to request one field, to reduce the costs of data transfer
include some american companies as cients on homepage
it seems like a lot of purchasers are online or digital marketers, find out why...
make plan names prettier/english
add proxy, bot etc fields to api
add time object to api with current time and daylight savings time
backup redis database too
option to start reading from kinesis at a specific point in time
fix replicator to replicate to correct date
make lambda always print time with a float
update site copy and status page before article launch
update fields missing, make some fields into objects
make python script for upgrade/downgrade interactive
prepare email in mailchimp/mandrill or tinyletter
create script to lookup usage of a particular identifier
confirm personal taxes are filed
come up with solution for double counting in stats reporting
document count field in email to new users.
add uk school of mgmt and sphero
debug rate limit tables giving off values when count is 0
consider switching from dynamodb local back to redis
try except around datetime handling with other format string
support login and signup with cognito
create a downgrade script
get status page on hyperping
read A LOT of articles on image optimization and compression
fixed upgrade/downgrade script and delete key scripts
track stripe sales from google analytics
use google analytics to track sales
updated descriptions on homepage
updated site partners list
add section breaking down each API field