fix cronjobs
add flaticon to list
add apiary to list?
move s3 files to cloudfront, use default cloudfront domain
email myself too once a user gets their api key
move s3 alexa assets behind cloudfront
add api benchmarks to upcoming products
create blog page
tweak blog format
consider using medium for #ipdata's blog
remove canny from site
make logs json
remove logo text from docs theme
make logs json for cleaner/better kibana experience
make sure kinesis consumer sends logs to the right date key
how to save ram state on reboot?
make bash aliases take params
restart all docker services
add pagination handling to limit_warning, deploy to production
polish efk chart
setup small testing cluster on gke and test efk chart
fix report to handle pagination
optimize aws costs
email user about their usage
test performance hit if any of moving away from batch write since dynamodb will be inmemory
client work
created upgrade script
get published on Hackernoon
deployed limit warning to production