#mj coaching profile dark mode
w00t! #mj supports markdown now in coach profiles (md in group notes coming soon)
document new competitor offering.
Added new Recent Member Wins and Recent Member Hurdles cards to the revamped Member Dashboard.
add dashboard card to show Recent Member Wins
Screen Recording 2019-04-27 at 11.58 AM.gif
circle back around and uncomment #mj goals sorting, but do it after launch not before. Goals sorting is creating a cascade of blocking violations for touch start handler in Chrome (but not Safari), which leads to a browser tab crash only endable by opening Chrome Task Mgr and killing it. Sux.
add rate limiter to receipt lookup function
create receipts page, listing past Stripe invoices and linking out to corresponding receipts (where applicable) and downloadable PDFs.
add route to receipts page
create stripe invoice lookup Firebase Function to allow customers to see/download #mj reciepts