circle back around and uncomment #mj goals sorting, but do it after launch not before. Goals sorting is creating a cascade of blocking violations for touch start handler in Chrome (but not Safari), which leads to a browser tab crash only endable by opening Chrome Task Mgr and killing it. Sux.
add rate limiter to receipt lookup function
create receipts page, listing past Stripe invoices and linking out to corresponding receipts (where applicable) and downloadable PDFs.
add route to receipts page
create stripe invoice lookup Firebase Function to allow customers to see/download #mj reciepts
via WIP Menubar
or slash pending or slash list or smth would list all
via WIP Menubar
oh, I see. It would be cool if I could use up/down arrows to search from the blank prompt
via WIP Menubar
I'm confused on how to enumerate my pending todos...
via WIP Menubar
test WIP from my mac
via WIP Menubar
hang Home Depot painter drop cloths from the joists in the basement to keep stray light out of my dedicated home video studio. Having a dedicated place for video makes it much easier to churn out tons of videos for marketing and courses.
piss people off on PH by suggesting it’s okay to raise price $5.
design first book cover and a few mockups for upcoming #mj promotion bonus
instantly purchase MacBook Alarm for at least $20 less than I would’ve paid for it.