Kévin Quisquater
  • 📍 Barcelona
  • 📅 Sep '17
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Launch on ProductHunt (after 3 years, it's time...) #lokas
ASO: change title and subtitle #memy
Rename Ultramem to Memy #memy
Improve screenshots (difficult, because app is ugly ATM) #memy
Screenshot 2018-04-28 09.57.51.jpg
Create new App Store preview video and screenshots to remove copyrighted lyrics #memy
Make revision feature free (need to watch reward ad) to increase retention #lokas
Contact most active user for feedback on pricing #lokas
Submit v3.0.4 to the App Store #lokas
Save and load from Firebase user's country code and login provider #lokas
Admin panel and database: get rid of old format typo for "lastLogin" #lokas
Fix: save initial user level to database when creating account #lokas
Fix: do not pre-fill email text field on login page if last connection method was Facebook #lokas
Fix: email sometimes not pre-filled on login page #lokas
Do not show tutorial to new user that already opened it on login page #lokas
Fix: not all data is deleted when logging out #lokas
Fix data missing in database at account creation and refactor code #lokas