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Create a Text Board for Content -> Pre-Design #faceletter
Use node package to pull your conversations from facebook and store them in a db #learnnode
Schema for 1-Iframe-fit-all-services on Embedable Widget #socialbubble
Research Widget Embedding and draw Schema for Iframes #socialbubble
Start Cracking Down Intercom's Code #socialbubble
Research Extend the bubble with possibility to receive Payments, Publish a Menu, Articles and Forms #socialbubble
Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 19.32.14.png
Draw Mock of Iframe Per Whole Services to Illustrate why it is not Viable to have 1 IFrame For Buttons and Services. Embedable Widget /#socialbubble
Start Cracking Down Revoice(.)me Code #socialbubble
Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 19.57.06.png
Re-write current Embedable Widget For Instagram in Es6 #socialbubble
Draw Mock of Iframe/per/service Approach to explain Backend why is better than Other versions Embedable Widget #socialbubble
Create a basic node setup just to play around. Find a super easy way to handle database management #learnnode
Update my WIP profile with the current projects.