Yuko Fukushima

Could you show me how to attach animation gifs to your done items on wip.chat? πŸ€”

From Telegram desktop, you just have to send using the clip option

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 12.26.14.png

Thank you for your answer!
I tried that method before, but didn’t work. Probably my gif was too big to be on time? Is there any size limitation ? πŸ€”
Do you compress or resize before you upload?

I always try to keep it around 600px~800px width. I use (and love) Kap to record and resize GIFs.

One-stop recording and resizing sounds great! I’m going to check it out :D I was using gifox and my gif was around 30MB πŸ˜…

did it work?

Yes, it did πŸ˜‰ Successfully posted two times.

After dozens of trial and error, I discovered some tips of uploading gif.

  1. Use Telegram desktop clients
    Always from desktop clients.
    Upload from wip.chat website doesn't work however you compress your animated gif.
    I sent an animated gif from Telegram web client and worked one time, but not always the case.

  2. Make the gif dimension as small as possible
    Set the maximum length around 800px if the duration of your gif is short
    But if your gif is longer than 10 seconds, keep the size within 600x400. Or 400x200 if the former doesn't work.
    As @lenilsonjr mentioned Kap is very useful.

  3. Don't send it as a file, but as a picture.
    I attached the screenshot. I don't know about the others, but the file attachment didn't work in my case.

Hope it helps! πŸ‘

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Logan Honeycutt

what would be needed to have all my WIP tasks tweeted when completed?

A bot constantly checking the API and tweeting it out could work

what's the workload for something like this? could it easily be outsourced? i'm not a dev

Quite simple. You just have to check one API and push things into Twitter's API (and also some logic to prevent reposts etc) and run this script from time to time.

I guess any Ruby or Python dev can build it and you won't have any problems outsourcing it. Having said that, it is definitely something fun to hack on a weekend if you're learning how to code.

thanks for the info! will look into this.

Jurn W

Notion.so users: how is your workspace structured?

One top-level page with everything inside. Projects have standalone pages and contracts stay inside a database.

I don't use Notion as a todo app, I prefer to plan things in it and then move tasks to Todoist.

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 11.14.09.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 11.15.32.png
Robert Hopman

battle tested dev tools

Using in production: Rollbar (error monitoring), Hyperping (uptime monitoring), Cloudinary (assets management), PushMore (notifications on Telegram of stuff), Mixpanel (action tracking) & Drift (customer live chat).

Swizec Teller

How do you avoid procrastinating?

I don't, but when I have something hard that I don't wanna do, I usually schedule the task as the first thing to do in the morning after my morning routine to avoid procrastinating on it.

Elijah Murray

is there a command to see your todo list in TG?

You can type @wipbot ~space~ and it will list all your pending todos

Thanks @lenilsonjr! The problem with this is I have to scroll through the list and can only see 3 at a time. Any way to easily see my full list?

Not via Telegram. You can check it from the Website.

Avi Aryan

How to create Lite apps in Android?

Twitter Lite for example is just a PWA (mobile.twitter.com) packed into an APK, probably using something like Cordova or Phonegap.

Take a look into Cordova and also in Ionic PWA, that might give you a hint.

That's a good idea. I will give it a try.

Javi RamΓ­rez

What's the most valuable thing 16 year olds can learn today?

Besides programming, public speaking and data science, I can only think about sales and learning itself. Sales is the ultimate skill and how to learn is the ultimate meta skill.

Other useful (at least for me) meta skills:

  • How to properly identify problems and opportunities (why 99% of startups fail)
  • How to measure opportunity cost
  • How to properly take pragmatical decisions based on opportunity cost (minimize regrets)
  • How to organize your finances, avoid debt and stuff (personal finances is important af and this is not taught here)

As a personal note, I wish I had learned earlier to deal with emotions, breakdowns and stuff.

Hope it helps.

Really insightful answer, it really helps. Main points to me: metalearning + entreprenurial skills (selling, problem/solution, risk/regrets...)

How would you personally like a 4h workshop in which, either alone or in a group you choose, and me only being a guide, you have to:

  • List the top 10 problems you find in your own life, then choose only one
  • Go out and talk with target people and learn if this is in fact a real problem
  • Come back, think of a realistic solution
  • Google "how to make a website with Weebly" and sketch a crappy website in 20 min explaining your solution
  • Go out (either physically or virtually) and convince at least 1 target person to give you their email address showing your new website
  • Come back and reflect about what did you learn, what did you do wrong and what could you do to make it 10x better?

I'd only be a guide and refer to Google in case of easy/trivial questions.

Crazy idea maybe, but really interested in your opinion – would you find this any interesting?

So you're proposing a startup weekend? haha

I think that's a lot of stuff to do in two or four hours, I would take a less actionable approach and do instead a more philosophical approach. My two cents: teenagers live in a world of doubt and insecurity. They don't know what they want to do.

Telling them that they actually have much more options for life than they have been told is one useful thing you can do. Showing them the many paths they can take and giving them the tools to make this decision (the actionable part) is priceless. "Hey, you don't need to sell your soul to a multinational or do that pointless major if you don't want to. Here's how."

Tell them what you've learned until now. Take them out of the box, make them think. Make them feel ok if they are different, relieve a little bit of the pressure that they receive from their parents and teachers by showing them real life examples.

Showing them the "basic batman belt for life" can be lifechanging, even if it is just a introduction.

Of course, that's just my highly biased opinion, but that's what I would do if could go back two years and lecture myself and my classmates.

I 100% agree with you that if I'm able just to open their minds to accept other ways of life apart from the conventional college->bigcorp path, that'd be a huge success. Also, to alert them that the entrepreneurial/creative way is not as profitable as they probably think.

As I understand it now, your suggestion is much more of a "personal development workshop" than a "entrepreneurship workshop". I'm not sure I can do that just by merely exposing facts and real life examples, my instinct would be to do something actionable that would make them feel uncomfortable enough to at least start rethinking life. But I think that would may be too arrogant of me, as if I knew life any better. Hmmm. I like where you're going but I haven't been able to come up with a good concrete workshop idea just yet.

Well, anything you do will probably be useful af for them. So I guess you'll be just fine with whatever kind of workshop you choose to do. Do what you're comfortable with, it will certainly be good for them.

Nicolas Le Roux

Need Feedback: I'm building a website to protect better your privacy on the internet

Looks really cool. This is the kind of stuff that can get a lot of press coverage (especially in these Zucc times). Partnerships and donations seems to be a better way to keep the site running imo, but I may be wrong.

Also, check out @PuraVida506's becominganonymous.com, might interest you.

Really cool becominganonymous.com, I didn't know it!

Which kind of partnerships are you thinking about? Like a kind of sponsorship?

Yep, sponsorships. EFF, Epic.org, Durov (ha), etc.

Maybe I'm just trippin' but who knows Β―_(ツ)_/Β―

Daniel Meade

Should I change my product name?

I like the current name, for some reason it creates more empathy on me than OpenGood.

But imo in the end the name doesn't really matter. Ella is shorter and clean, so I would keep it.

Thanks, I was just worrying that it wouldn't make much sense to a user, but I think you're right. I have the branding sorted already also, so there's that.