add HTML caching of remote job tag pages #remoteok
fix uptimerobot thinks remoteok/php down, increase check time 30min @neosilky
cleaned up #nomadlist filter actions top from 2 lines to 1 line
bid on new remoteok domain name
remove date from forum questions #nomadlist city page
fixed sortby mobile #nomadlist
visit MBK Bangkok with @petrsuska #social
make SORT css cleaner #nomadlist via @vlastii
buy bose qc35
retitled dojo presentatio to Building Succesful Startups without Venture Capital
merged macau and hong kong into china #nomadlist
uploaded dojo video to youtube
added show global rank of city always also after filter for @andreyazimov
start secret radar screen app
fly to Bangkok
send dojo presentation to for transcribing
fix empty family cost in description #nomadlist
fix #nomadlist no found map notice
fix map markers z-index over filters #nomadlist
fixed alignment #nomadlist filter actions via @woutervanlent
render presentation dojo bali
check in flight BKK
edit presentation dojo for youtube
fix #nomadlist departure box styling