Thank you! I changed it! Apparently there's 3 different words for Italy:


Will use yours!

Try price it according to your competitors. You can undercut them (price lower) in the beginning to attract companies. I started with $1 per post for example. Now it's $299-$399

a bit off-topic - how did you charge those $1 ? paypal/stripe? - did you write invoices by hand or used a service? :)

I think pricing by region is a very archaic concept and exactly the thing we should be fighting. Just like we all dislike region-based DRM, differing video standards like NTSC/PAL and websites that change their language based on where you are geographically at any point.

In a future where we all move around the world more, which is a future that's current, that only creates confusion. It's also very easily abused by just going through VPNs etc.

There has to be other ways to make people with weaker purchasing power to participate than pricing by geo location of a user's IP address, which is just too limited.

For sure. Figuring out what pricing to use for which user is complicated. People travel, it’s hard to determine affluency on a country basis (I got offered a 30% discount for being in Korea???), location can be spoofed, etc.

I don’t think there’s a perfect approach, just like charging everyone the same absolute price isn’t necessarily perfect either (depending on your goals).

So I guess the question becomes what the least bad option is.

Ultimately it might come down to trust. For example with WIP I don’t see many affluent people abuse the system as it would look very bad on them if they get caught.

Hey Pieter, isn't PPP one of the core foundations of UBI? One of the few things you've been advocating about lately?

I mean, you can't just give north American wage to a zimbabwe unemployed person... he would become the richest guy in their state! And the other way around wouldn't work either..

So you need PPP for UBI, and apply that for digital products seems really reasonable.

Just imagine how impeditive is a recurring U$20,00 for an average Pakistani guy.

I mean, not saying you should stick to that for NomadList though, that's totally your call.. I'm just saying that Startups should indeed discuss it more, at least.

IMO, it would be as much beneficial as the open startup initiative - another thing you've been rightly aknowledged for.

Congrats for that btw :)

Great question! I'm about to sleep so will write more tomorrow.

The validation was 2 ways actually:

I only posted the job ads that I sold myself. The volume was ok, but not big.

  • So I thought I'll aggregate remote jobs from traditional job boards. Back then there weren't many aggregators in remote work (maybe two, now tens, maybe hundreds).

Then when that took off way more, I killed Nomad Jobs and redirected it to Remote OK.

I think important is to have a site about a topic that you can then attach a job board too. I did that with Nomad List -> Nomad Jobs -> Remote OK. Product Hunt does that with Angel List Jobs. BetaList with Beta Jobs. If you don't have the topic site, you can't get traction on a job board, unless it's a new niche and you're the only one (like ReactJobs).

My real last name is Mouthaan. I got it from my father. And my mother's last name is Van de Ven. So officially it's Pieter Mouthaan. But I have middle names "Jozef Thomas Richard". So Pieter Jozef Thomas Richard Mouthaan-Van De Ven. But yes, short: Pieter Mouthaan (aka Pieter Levels). :D

Yes or just add it to the profile page. But I'd love to keep it as an award and show it to people.

Also for sending mail I now use SendGrid. I switched from MailChimp because I didn’t like getting charged $350/m simply for storing 50,000 email adresses in their database.