Pieter Levels
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  • 📅 Sep '17
file foreigner migration exit tax NL over 2018 #life
recover Gmail archive from backup HDD or old laptop Backblaze #life
call SG bank to check permissions of payments/transfers and active credit cards on account besides me #life
fix hassepietersam.nl #life
add #remoteok pay later for bundles too
fix #remoteok infinity scrolling wrong jobs again
infinity scroll remoteok again broken #remoteok
add user profiles for remote workers that can be highlighted for $99/mo #remoteok
make page /how-to-become-digital-nomad with these questions as <h1>'s answered #nomadlist
send email alerts for notifications db #nomadlist
fix URLs don't display if link is <http://url> in /chat #nomadlist
fix just arrived messages broken cause * * markdown bold #nomadlist
pics on /people on city page cold load are blank not lazyloaded #nomadlist
fix "Bought a promotion for $1 for 30 days" telegram notification for ad posted has wrong price #nomadlist
fix empty pics #nomadlist https://nomadlist.com/countries countries page and on profiles top countries blank too
make free #nomadlist academy to collectively get rid of paid "how to become nomad" course scams with: Nomad Capitalist talking about tax, Aaron Dutil talking about psychology, Chris the Freelancer talking about coworkings/social/day-to-day, Louise Croft about day-to-day/work/social, Traveling with Kristin about day-to-day/work/social, Pieter Levels talking about building business remote with videos
lazyload /photos tab broken #nomadlist
add meetup organizer page #nomadlist
add "your match and you will be in Paris on 5 January, maybe meet?" for #nomadlist /dating based on trips data
fix mobile trip editing/adding