add #hoodmaps neighborhood lists for top 100 cities
make nomadlist/forum software #nomadlist
make price page look sexy like this #nomadlist
page shows no results without JS, but with JS does #nomadlist
fix country and filter page photos keep resetting votes when image scraper runs, resulting in bad pics (e.g. vietnam is a bowl of soup) #nomadlist
make Connect to Slack button that uses OAuth to sync/disable new Slack accounts #nomadlist
give discount code to Remote OK and MAKE book in #nomadlist order email
file foreigner migration exit tax NL over 2018 before 1 July 2019 #life
TWIP meetup with @pugson @cheepo2109 @shnbhg @marcantoinefon in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2019 #life
get DTP, Typhoid, Measles (?), HPV vaccine new or renewal #life
recover Gmail archive from backup HDD #life
fix #life
call ABN to get the money from my old business account to normal personal account #life
write exit chapter about selling business #makebook
give discount code to Nomad List and Remote OK in #makebook order email
give discount code to Nomad List and MAKE book in #remoteok order email