contact Gumroad CEO about /open #openstartup
get DTP vaccine 10yr renewal #life
get Typhoid vaccine renewal #life
don’t forget collect points for flight KLM #life
get drunk with @pugson @cheepo2109 @shnbhg @marcantoinefon in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2019 #life
make after sale page with invoice printable #remoteok
let HR depts save job post before paying so they can send it to the finance dept to pay #remoteok
fix buggy #remoteok lazyloading sometimes
switch #remoteok email sender from SendGrid SMTP to SendGrid API with scheduling
fix bug markdown #remoteok asterixasterix makes bold text but also removes space before and after
add auto follow up after job post expires to extend for $99 #remoteok
fix #remoteok charges $0 for discounted coupons even if they're not 100% discounted
use new Google submit API for jobs #remoteok
write blog post 3d house #blog
write #blog post nomadlist 4 years 4.0 story
write #blog makebook How I crowdsourced writing a book on startups when sold 5,000 copies
write #blog what if north korea opens up
write 5y nomad #blog with hostel closed pic
write blog post about capsule hotel economics #blog
write blog post about Digital Backpackers (not digital nomads) #blog
write #blog about train travel instead of air travel
file closing tax 2018 #tax2
add autocomplete of all tags worldwide in cities on #hoodmaps
add city district dotted lines to #hoodmaps to distinguish neighborhoods
add Service Worker to make #hoodmaps offline app
implement is-sea.js on #hoodmaps so you can't draw in the sea anymore
make touchable score bar for crowdsource submit modal #nomadlist
import all posts from Discourse into SQLite db with matching user_id's etc. #nomadlist
add <textarea> post form so people can reply to a thread #nomadlist
add infinite threading forum #nomadlist
add edit post functioanlity #nomadlist
add delete post button #nomadlist
add Celsius/Fahrenheit switcher #nomadlist
send Automattic invoice for ad #nomadlist
add #nomadlist /coworking page with full index of coworkings etc. and give each coworking an individual page with info
fix flights #nomadlist from Kiwi
if cold loading #nomadlist /cities-for-families it doesn't sort by life score, but if you filter it with JS it does sort by life score
add Service Worker to make #nomadlist offline app
fix on edit trip #nomadlist change arrival date it changes end date to same so annoying why
fix search box #nomadlist /blog
fix when MONTH filter set to December, temperature in December is shown in GRID VIEW but not on MAP where temperature TODAY is shown #nomadlist
make frontpage first show horizontally scrollabe rows with cities under header for diff interests #nomadlist remove when filter is applied
add with Apple Pay on #nomadlist sign up
add Hygiene Score to #nomadlist
make price page look sexy like this #nomadlist
organize free screening of nomad documentary on #nomadlist for a day/week and pay for it
fix tooltips off modal #nomadlist
make list of typos and correct them #makebook
write exit chapter about selling business #makebook
add startup consult upsell #makebook