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Nomad List
Explore the world while working remotely
Pietz Life
Don't forget to live
Workout Every 2 Days
Try workout every 2 days, either gym, bodyweight or running
How Much Is My Side Project Worth
Find out how much you can sell your side project for
Remote OK
Find your remote job and work from anywhere
Canggu Shortcut Cam
A 24/7 4K camera analyzed by OpenCV
Airline List
A list of airlines by safety, quality and ratings
Stream on Twitch
Don't forget to stream on Twitch
Writing blog posts
If Google Maps and Urban Dictionary had a love child
MAKE book
Bootstrapping a Startup from Idea to Growth and Monetization
Open Startup
An initiative to increase transparency in private companies
MAKE Village
A village for makers somewhere in the world
Maker Rank
40,414,892 data points on millions of makers, ranked.
No More Google
Privacy-friendly alternatives to Google that don't track you
Go Fucking Do It
Set a goal, deadline and price.
Drink Alcohol
Log how often I drink alcohol
Bali Sea Cable
Monitors performance of Bali's undersea internet cable.
Remote Inc
Incorporate your remote startup in Singapore
Pay tax and do administration
Learn how to develop 3d