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Maker of WIP amongst other things.
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Startup Jobs

look into old foursquare job posts #startupjobs
sj foursquare outdated.png
fix collection font size on mobile #startupjobs
allow creation of multiple alerts for the same email without being signed in #startupjobs
fix back button on mobile when viewing job listing #startupjobs
fix foursquare slug (duplicate?) #startupjobs
figure out why freskdesk page is empty #startupjobs
add rails scheduler:update_jobs_visit_counts to scheduler #startupjobs
replace sleep commands with active job equivalent #startupjobs
consider subscription pricing model #startupjobs
add push notifications for new job posts #startupjobs
fix email fields on homepage on mobile #startupjobs
add “featured in google jobs” to new post page #startupjobs
re-use old card design #startupjobs
merge duplicate dribbble companies #startupjobs
merge company fubotv-2 with fubotv #startupjobs
figure out why tapping logo/nav doesn’t work on mobile #startupjobs
set LFU setting on redis cache store #startupjobs
experiment w/ prefetching job posts on mouseover #startupjobs…
Send reminder email to unconfirmed users (mention their saved search, so they have clear incentive) #startupjobs
Include message in email alerts for old subscribers informing them we have enabled emails and they can unsubscribe with one click if they are no longer interested #startupjobs
Implement 'reject' policy for DMARC to increase chance of getting logo shown in Gmail #startupjobs
Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 20.44.24.png
Stripe suffixes like "Inc." from startup names #startupjobs
Improve page speed #startupjobs
CleanShot 2020-05-11 at 14.01.00@2x.png
CleanShot 2020-05-11 at 14.00.50@2x.png
Delete from cloudfront #startupjobs
Disallow destroying of companies with existing posts #startupjobs
Fix duckduckgo link that uses ?q= instead of ?query= #startupjobs


Fix z-index issue with menu and profile header #wip h/t @moul
Don't send out notification email if user already saw it on the website #wip
move the follow button to the top of a profile page so you can press it on mobile #wip cc @marc
Add follow suggestions on /following page if you're not following anybody yet h/t @Jankeesvw #wip
Make sure todo submit button is still visible on smaller screens #wip
show images on Telegram when posted through menubar app #wip
fix open graph for todo permalink /cc @Jankeesvw #wip
fix z-index header/nav on homepage (for non-signed in visitors) #wip /cc @NadavKeyson
add OG images for posts #wip
update product and user cache when deleting making #wip
design end-of-trial phase #wip
send heads up email few days before free trial expires #wip
ask user whether they want their username to be changed on the site, when a username change is detected #wip
show suggested pending todos in daily digest when not completing any todos that day h/t @RDD_contact #wip
add back timestamp to non-expanded todos, because I miss quickly seeing when a todo was added #wip
fix design so I can link it in onboarding email #wip
look into whether enabling privacy mode for @wipbot would break anything #wip /cc @levelsio
improve design of Questions on about page #wip
wip questions abbout.png
remove file upload icon from trix editor because we currently dont support it #wip
prevent users from destroying their question if it already has answers #wip
fix setting time zone by sending location #wip
consider using sequential plugin for slugs #wip
add time/date to #wip answers and questions (cc @dantelex)
improve copy of empty daily digest to be more motivating (especially for new members) #wip h/t @RDD_contact
explain why we don't allow asking for upvotes in community guidelines #wip
ensure adding product updates user so "X products" tab has correct product count #wip
handle case where GPS is sent, but there's no previous location set #wip
show real-time chat preview on homepage #wip
publish bettertouchtool widget #wip
figure out why pro-rata amount is sometimes inverted #wip
Screenshot 2019-12-23 at 21.23.56.png
Screenshot 2019-12-23 at 21.25.06.png
renew twitch webhook lease #wip
add API token reset function #wip h/t @sanderfish
add space to bottom of pending page #wip (via @Kiruio)
fix padding between makers #wip
Pasted Image.png
add comments to meetups so people can coordinate beforehand and share pictures afterwards #wip h/t @shridhargupta
inform user to click “Start” after they click “Receive magic link via Telegram” h/t @PeterSanchez #wip
show timestamp of todo comment so you know when it was posted #wip
dont show textarea for "new comment" on todos, if user is not signed in #wip /cc @levelsio
make sure Answers are properly identified with (maybe @id is not unique by using anchors? #wip
fix turbolinks bug where videos with sound might autoplay… #wip /cc @adriaanvanrossum
look into disabling markdown within code blocks #wip /cc @rutierut
invite top betalist startups #wip
introduce new members to other new members (they have shared experience) h/t @adriaanvanrossum #wip
add unique index to user_id (only one Twitch::User per WIP user) and twitch_user_id (can’t have the same Twitch user for multiple WIP users) on Twitch::User #wip
fix bug where todo permalinks aren't updated when user's username changes #wip
answers count on user profile includes todo comments, but does not show them #wip
make it possible to cancel when about to unfollow a question #wip
Add validation to prevent answers having themselves as a parent #wip
Notifications of posts without titles aren’t clickable #wip /cc @levelsio
Add stacked bar chat showing completed todos per product per day. Requested by @levlesio #wip
Disable user popovers on touch devices cause it's annoying #wip
Don't send this type of notification about my own todos because it doesn't make sense #wip
Suggest people answer someone else's roast after creating their own #wip
Fix caching (?) issue where hovering a user, then clicking follow on popover, then hovering again doesn't show you are following them. #wip
Regenerate todo HTML for all products without a logo #wip
Send weekly digest also to non-paying, non-trialing users (`with_access` scope is inaccurate) #wip /cc @wilbertliu
Fix textarea styling in Chrome #wip h/t @levelsio
Pasted Image.png
Fix wide todo form on mobile #wip
IMAGE 2020-06-12 23:54:00.jpg
Add back "group by day" for todos #wip
Fix darkmode of trix editor h/t @wilbertliu #wip
Prevent content flashing of elements that are supposed to be hidden #wip


fix broken logo image in comment email notifications #betalist
redesign advertise page to match new PDF (make responsive) #betalist
formally announce we feature recently launched startups too (+ reasoning) #betalist
don’t include likes from banned users when calculatting like count (followees_count) #betalist
make preview link accessible to submitter #betalist
ensure newsletter promotions are random for each subscriber #betalist
personalise newsletter to fields #betalist
add back "submit your startup" link to daily digest #betalist
make a health dashboard and include sendgrid emails sent per day #betalist
remove duplicate usernames ("count(*) > 1").size ) #betalist
look into some daily digests having more than 6-8 startups /cc @rpish #betalist
figure out how to deal with daily digest when there are lots of expedited startups (which means next day's digest has few startups) /cc @rpish #betalist
Fix overlapping menu items on narrow screens #betalist
Replace div id ("#advertisers") on with something that doesn't get blocked by uBlock h/t @gvrizzo #betalist

Tweet Photo

ask Twitter users without email address to provide one #tweetphoto
add "cut off" option to truncate caption cc @HiYukoIm #tweetphoto
show message when email already taken (i.e. Twitter account already connected) #tweetphoto
Pasted Image.png
Send email when first picture is tweeted #tweetphoto

Marc Köhlbrugge's Blog

Add email capture #blog
Screenshot 2019-12-23 at 03.09.30.png

Push More

make Slack-compatible API endpoint #pushmore… (h/t @jankeesvw)
Figure out a way to deal with group chats that are upgraded to super groups and therefor get a new chat ID #pushmore…

WIP Menubar

look into supporting animated gifs #menubar
interpret anything starting with a slash as a command #menubar
Double check pending todos aren't marked as completed #menubar
Add setting to disable broadcasting #menubar h/t @lastnamefirst


hide "show label on profile" checkbox for non-text fields #faces
design co-working space landing page #faces
add preview to "new field" page #faces
look into showing welcome text on mobile community pages. (h/t @petecodes) #faces
allow custom fields to be sorted #faces
replace integration with rails-letsencrypt gem… #faces
disable creating/editing/deleting custom fields when slack integration is enabled #faces
disable creating/editing/deleting tags when slack integration is enabled #faces
remove old slack_field_mappings #faces
make note to delete any existing custom_fields when slack is connected #faces
fix tags for slack integration #faces