remove all secrets (API keys, etc) from git history #wip
redesign the site #wip
update pixelsnap 2 on deals page #wip /cc @lukaszmtw
add: press down arrow to see all pending todos #wipmenubar h/t @sanderfish
cache user badges #wip
do not cache launched startups if user is signed in #wip
strip redundant hashtags when composing todos tweet h/t @adriaanvanrossum #wip
only report suspicious comments on creation to prevent dupes #betalist
guess twitter username based on telegram username and add to list #wip
fix flickering user avatar popover on about page in chrome #wip h/t @levelsio
generate automatically updated Twitter list of members #wip – h/t @adriaanvanrossum
properly handle multiple forwarded telegram messages #wip h/t @levelsio
fix bug where upload previews wouldn’t show up when editing todo #wip /cc @levelsio
set title to todo body for todo permalinks #wip
make todo form string input instead of textarea #wip