upgrade to paid simple analytics subscription #wip
simplify submission wizard code #betalist
switch to avatars.wip.chat domain for avatar generation #wip
remove jquery dependency for javascript client #linkhyper
fix button padding #linkhyper
Pasted Image.png
Pasted Image.png
enable lets encrypt when DNS propagates #linkhyper
remove stupid "do not share yet" banner #linkhyper
fix slack integration with custom fields #faces
get dokku up-and-running on linode
remove old database add-on #wip
make sure user can still edit profile after fields have been added/removed #faces
increase free trial from 7 days to 14 days #faces
answer/close all intercom support tickets #faces
downgrade to intercom free plan #faces
enable stripe email 3 days before subscription renews #faces
disable automated intercom messages #faces
allow customers to cancel their own subscription without having to message me #faces
allow telegram syncing to be disabled on a per-user basis /cc @levelsio #wip
finish reading The Alchemist (4/5 stars)
design quick icon for @jankeesvw's RSSMailer πŸ˜„
fix issue where daily digest wasn't sent out to everyone #betalist
discover the daily email only went out to a portion of our subscribers for the last 3 weeks due to MailChimp changing their API without any heads up πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ /cc @rpish #betalist
differentiate between username and telegram_username allowing for separate username on the website #wip
dont set default time zone for pending todos #wip