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  • 📅 Feb '19
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Change design to accomodate new nps #prosper
beautify chart with line backgrounds #prosper
Added support for deleting nps response #prosper
Debug visitor information on integration #prosper
Added detailed view for other type of widget
Fixed unique visitors bug
Human readable time on all places #prosper
Follow-up with potential prospects for sale #prosper
Add option multiple cards with different data on dashboard page #prosper
Added support for client side timezone #prosper
Add an empty state in dashboard view #prosper
prevent lagging in transform by adding css animation in mobile device #prosper
Make NPS widget mobile responsive #prosper
Design Potrait popup for Product Hunt #prosper
Add categories and display categories for new template #prosper
Add pagination to response card for search and normal view #prosper
Add filter popup to nps response card #prosper
missing @wipchat, didn't earned last month so had to cut down some costs 😢