setup OBS + Twitch for live coding #metamas
finish mobile scale designs for remaining pages #metamas
design mobile layouts for Blog, Now, Work, and Goals pages #metamas
start designing a Maslow's Hierarchy for practice with Figma #learning2
learn how to use Figma for design workflow #learning2
start building an interactive Maslow's Hierarchy to play/learn with React Context #learning2
read React Context docs #learning2
watch intro to React Context part of @swizec's intern webinar #learning2
customize Shopify gift card templates for client #contracting2
turn journal entry into first blog article: "Even 'lone wolves' need packs" #metamas
catch up on way overdue invoices for "that one client", and consider πŸ€”implementing a minimum charge per task (instead of pure hourly)
fix wrong/broken links on client site (oops 😬) #contracting2
add @MovementClub group image and info #movementclub