Build prototype of DJ client website
Create wireframe of DJ client site
Travel to LAX => SFO for job training
Write "Explain It Like I'm 5: Module Systems (CommonJS and AMD)" blog post
Write โ€œExplain Like Iโ€™m 5: Algorithmsโ€
Add user gravatars to nav
Add users as post authors #fi
Allow post bodies to be markdown, use markdown-it npm package #fi
Get AAA insurance quote #life13
Read CK employee handbook #life13
Port over codebase to easier to use react_on_rails #fi
Finish Typeform so people can submit their own stories #fi
Research first interviews #fi
Help Bonsai find keys for Apple Developer account
Get โ€œYour Money or Your Lifeโ€ #fi
Weigh ourselves a la Slow Carb Diet
Read and sign employment contracts
Cancel Southwest flight #life13
Add typeform link so people can submit their story #fi
Publish "Explain It Like I'm 5: Node.js" blog post
Finish "Explain It Like I'm 5: Node.js" blog post
Finish MUP outline #fi
Write blog post "Explain It Like I'm 5: Markup vs Programming Languages"
Complete work onboarding forms
Publish "Explain It Like I'm 5: NPM" blog post
Add sidebar menu to make site responsive #fi
Add /getting-started and /pillars-of-fi pages #fi
Add vehicle to insurance #life13