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send (hopefully) final email to as part of outrageous saga @ intersection of autistic computer world & rule-crazy DHL/Germany #nils
redirect domain to WIP profile (for now) #pulpfruition
transfer domain to personal account with registrar #kornwolf
add 'top up x' preset buttons to CreditPage #kornwolf
consult lawyer (residence tenancy & mail interception) #nils
commit orphaned Git stashes to branches for review #kornwolf
write GitHub issues for most pending WIP todos #kornwolf
help fix mixing up invoice & delivery address from DHL 'shop picker' #nils
fix div-by-zero error when placing 'buy/sell x USD' order while fiat market is delisted (eg, BCHSV/USDT) #kornwolf
include locked ('in order') balances in account valuation for balances page #kornwolf
hide markets w/ zero price from browser #kornwolf
explore GitHub Projects feature #kornwolf
sort ever-growing list of top up assets #kornwolf
extract actual deposit address from deposit URIs #kornwolf
make top up 'dollar amount' choices configurable #kornwolf
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