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Problem I see with this is that, even if they don't pay, it's not free; if they have to do the work of creating an account, figuring out how to use it, upload their inventory, etc. that's a lot of work for something that they don't see an immediate value in using yet.

On the other hand, doing that work for them allows you to learn about their use case and create a relationship.

I agree with what you have above -- do the on boarding process for them so you can make the process painless and build rapport.

In addition to fully free, I'm suggesting another payment model to gauge the realtor's willingness to pay if the platform works with no downside if it does not. Perhaps a "During the platforms early stages, I waive the fee for posting if my platform doesn't gain you x amount of traffic."

I'm curious how others have solved this problem -- I'd benefit as well from the answers.

I appreciate your answer and honesty. I will probably stick with Pablo's strategy though of offering free on boarding. It makes a lot sense and I guess that would be something I'd want to have too, in their shoes as it is very transparent too, another goal/core value of mine in business.

The problem of marketplaces is a well known problem; there's definitely a lot of material you can find about it. I believe I remember that when I looked into it there was no single silver bullet strategy: it'll depend on the market which approach is right.

I'd go with:

  • free for realtors
  • you onboard them/you do all the work: make it as pain-free for them: only upside/no risk for them.

I'd also focus on a very very very small niche: probably a small neighborhood where there are really good chances of adoption on both sides of the market.

Good idea, I was thinking about doing an onboarding process for free where I do all the work for a limited amount of realtors/time. With that, they don't loose anything but only gain and I can build some reputation and traffic in the meantime.

Yes this, do it by hand for your first users. Just ask them if you can add the listenings, as soon as they see results they will start using the platform.

Thanks! It's the first time in many many years I go without a template and just design it following my intuition, so I appreciate your comment greatly! :D

I was in the middle of doing a private-beta launch of #derivex: a tool that enables traders to build and execute complex option-strategies easily and at specific prices.

Not so much because of the virus but the historic volatility of the markets has 100% made the ppl that had signed up for the beta launch to shift their focus to the markets.

What I'm doing?

I followed up with a bunch of ppl over email but noticed they weren't too responsive, so, instead of swimming against the current I'm refocusing my attention from a product which launch's is hurt but the current environment to a product that is favored by the current chaos: #perspectiva, which is a product I've been thinking about working for a long time because I desperately need it myself: it's a journal app.

Another one? Yeah, the idea of is to be a partner in crime to always help you out with being consistent with a journaling habit.

It's an app that basically implements everything I've read in the past few years about habit-building into an app that is 100% focused on journaling.

Screenshot 2020-03-20 at 1.41.05 PM.png

I'm stalking you.

That's awesome! I love the design of the site. Simple and classy

Thanks! It's the first time in many many years I go without a template and just design it following my intuition, so I appreciate your comment greatly! :D

The app looks very clean and polished: I'm taken aback big time by this: "Real-time Monitoring, Be aware of how your team members spend working time". Perhaps you can adapt the copy a bit to make it less Taylor-esque.

Btw, congrats on such a successful PH launch!

Thanks Pablo=) we will check it!