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Researched banner creation tool
Search solution for clipped mail in Gmail
Start watching La Casa De Papel #life
Write log about last week
Changes subscribe form for new one be side of change of mail service #goodmonday
Collect linkg for weekly newsletter #goodmonday
Ask support of plugin because I run into problem #f1map
Set minimum and default price to nudge peope #f1map
Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 21.59.36.png
Set 'name your own price' for this product #f1map
Pasted Image.png
Make quick mockup for product page #f1map
Make MVP voor new poster to sell #f1map
Make new template in Notion for meeting notes.
Make infographic full of nice charts
Organised styleguide in Sketch
Pasted Image.png
Had lunch with good friend downtown #life
Finished another page in Sketch, on a roll!
Collect inspiration form open tabs in Notion and closing the tabs