I think you need a regular interest not involving a screen - walk in the woods/ go to the gym, read a book. Rest is your friend.

I agree with Pete. It helps a lot to have non-screen pursuits mixed-in throughout each day. For me, those are mainly physical — which I think should be the emphasis for us who mostly sit/stand at a desk during the day. Running, biking, climbing gym, strength/mobility training, grappling classes are my personal menu. I don't do all of those every day, but I try to do a couple each day. Some are also my main source of socializing IRL, and that is also a daily necessity to keeping my mind right.

People like tinder got round this by making their web address gettinder.com so you see a lot of companies do that.

Thanks! Should have rephrased. Need a font that is like aloof, hipster etc. So I guess something sans-serif I guess.

Just started tweeting from new account so guess that's me making in public now!

Twitter is great. This is one of the best examples of building in public via Twitter:


Cool! Btw, looks like you have a typo: "Can I build something in Telegram? Yes, I've [one] that before."