Finish all setup-y things.
Copy over SSH keys
Migrate from Bash to zsh.
Migrate from Chrome to FF DevEdition
Eliminate almost all apps starting at login
Set up Macbook with all necessary applications, and eschew Electron-based apps for native counterparts where possible (VSCode > ST3, Telegram Desktop > Telegram for Mac, Hyper > iTerm2, Slack > ..., fuck you Slack)
Revive Macbook by way of bootable USB stick.
Massively regret factory reset :joy:
Factory reset Macbook to clean up cruft.
Create toggleable widget box #todotab
Come up with a totally original widget trigger that I designed myself and is not at all inspired by Intercom or anything also it's in the bottom left corner instead of the bottom right so shut up #todotab
Talk to user and gather feedback on new features #dotcolors
Sell 241 dollars worth of wool in the span of 20 minutes. #wool
Setup Preact and TailwindCSS #todotab
Gather 21 responses for idea - Result: 10 interested, 11 not interested.
Start arranging *very* profitable contract for April #contracting
Submit survey to various subreddits
Put idea into drawer, sit down at the blueprints.
Send out product idea survey to various places
Set up project using nwb. #todotab
Deploy v1.3.0 #dotcolors
Update changelog #dotcolors
Copy color when user clicks on color bar #dotcolors
Avoid parsing colors in CSS class names. #dotcolors
Listen to @pugson's sweet funk playlist #community
Set aside 1.5 work days for side hustle #mentalhealth
Fix Emarsys being crap. And add email notif when Emarsys is being crap again. #contracting
9.30 phone call with Job Guyβ„’ #contracting
Inbox 0 #contracting
Investigate the pitfalls of third-party JavaScript and how to implement a script loader safely.
Overhaul configuration page for tire packages #contracting
Come up with another idea
Parse ID of configuration product from URL. If no configuration product has been selected so far, add it to cart. #contracting
Implement product counter popup #contracting
Explore React Native