(almost) midnight shower 🚿✨👨‍💻
featured-only filter #linefm
close all tickets on intercom #rayfeed
block twitter for 3 hours and try to get some work done
fix the local server API cors issues
learn about apollo-boost for more GraphQL magic ✨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHJ2CaS0vpM
figure out audio routing for streaming + recording + live DJ-ing #linefm
gather inspiration for partners page #rayfeed
get started on shopify landing page #rayfeed
improve fuzzy search on #linefm to match things like "or:la"
spin up another line.fm/live session cc @getaclue #linefm
try out react native for the first time
prevent mr. hole's message from covering up the voice memo play button #screenhole
turn links into links for text memos #screenhole
test new drawing engine #lightbox
set up revolut card
show message about disabling the adblocker to connect to live stream #linefm
#linefm design core UI
#linefm design rooms navigation
go live for the next ~2 hours (cc @getaclue) #linefm https://line.fm/live
update usernames in db for people that changed them #wipmusic
don't show tooltips on mobile #screenhole