prevent choosing spotify track from sending multiple events #wipmusic
check for duplicates with spotify search #wipmusic (⏱ minutes)
fix the damn twitter embed not loading randomly on motionscope
fix padding on mobile home tutorial section #lightbox
fix css bugs with motionscope site
fix production site build #lightbox
host the micro scraper alongside the telegram bot instead of heroku #wipmusic (⏱ minutes)
hook turning on speakers remotely when I open up Airfoil for AirPlay (via Alfred workflow) (⏱ minutes)
try the new #screenhole mac alpha build
update all my wip todos with estimated time to complete so I can prioritize them better (⏱ minutes)
make sticky playhead work with frame switching keyboard shortcuts & update during playback #lightbox
fix clicking on window frame clearing sticky playhead #lightbox
bring back track scraper online #wipmusic
sticky playhead in both directions + click to jump to frame #lightbox
figure out IntersectionObserver API to make a sticky timeline playhead #lightbox