fix mobile nav not sticking to bottom when scrolling #screenhole
make algolia logo in the footer a link #screenhunt
set up a firmware password again
upgrade dependencies #screenhunt
coupon codes for billing page #rayfeed
revised enterprise proposal #rayfeed
send out enterprise custom deal proposal #rayfeed
enterprise proposal final tweaks #rayfeed
pick up my half brand new MacBook
go to bed early so I can wake up early and run to get my MacBook from the shop finally omg 2 days is too much
draft up the enterprise proposal for tomorrow #rayfeed
migrate my dev env to gf's macbook so i can at least do some work when mine's getting fixed
move dotfiles
ship some breakfast
pick up gf from the airport
prepare for potential shopify partnership #rayfeed
enterprise planning call #rayfeed
catch up with intercom #rayfeed
Ik heb geen benen
go to the post office on my way back from apple repair shop
drop off MacBook for repair
add first resource to #wipresources
one last backup before turning in my macbook for servicing
update #screenhunt roadmap
arrange macbook repair 💀
get some feedback from vine's founder about #screenhunt
fix scrollbar in subnav #screenhunt
open social links from footer in a new tab #screenhunt
send out first batch of #screenhunt beta invites @chmielwork
add telegram icon and link to footer #screenhunt
set up email with domain #screenhunt
fix zooming after search on mobile #screenhunt
clear my unused tabs and inbox before i go to sleep ⚠️🔝🏴