Go for Desert Safari and visit Burj Khalifa
Travel to Dubai #wunderlustπŸ˜‚
email all clients/prospects that I'll be moving on from DoSelect
appreciation emails for founders
apply for couple of jobs
book tickets to native
Quit my current job, last working day is completed. #farewell
fixed Telegram 🀣
add more jobs to Airtable, delete the expired one.
launch communitymanagerjobs.co on CMX Hub Slack Channel
get feedback, add jobs to Airtable, remove unnecessary button from the website
shopping #life
someone posted a job on communitymanagerjobs.co πŸ€™πŸ»
send interview questions to Paras - Wingify
share my mailing address with CMX
send my first newsletter to subsribers
create telegram channel for communitymanagerjobs.co and update the page
tweet jobs, get feedback and update things communitymanagerjobs.co