Customer support top priority emails to 0 #Hustl
Customer support: help Sebastian with uninstall #Wakefy
Customer support: answer Martial question about fine-tuning speed #Hustl
Help Timo with "Error in plugin" and "Unhandled Promise Rejection" errors #Hustl
Customer support: help Amber with uninstall script #Wakefy
Customer support: ask John for more info on his IPC Channel disconnected error #Hustl
Find provider and ask for a quote for first big supplies shipment for first big order #MINDLESS
Help the gf with JS coding interview
Be a technician at TEDx event and successfully handle the whole thing
Finish 100% of merchandise for TEDx
Make slides and talk for event
Speak at event
Make screen with all sizes #MINDLESS
Design 3D keychain as gift #MINDLESS
Write customer letter #MINDLESS
Make 75% of the merchandise for the event
Fulfill first order and buy supplies for the next two ones #MINDLESS