Go buy the clips for the glass bed #rameerez
Place the order for the glass bed for the 3D printer at the glass shop #rameerez
Go collect test A2 map in photographic paper with UVijet ink β€” turned out not so great (not enough sharpness, glossy paper is ugly) #MadRides
Determine spray colors from Montana color chart for current products in store #rameerez
Add "add to cart" icons to store #rameerez
Make nice render for the 3D printed crypto coasters set #rameerez
Design and send to print promo cards #MadRides
Post 3 next pics to Insta #MadRides
Add "Go HUSTL or go home" t-shirt to store #rameerez
Buy backup supplies for the 3D printer (hotend, thermistor) + tryout supplies (x-acto, keychains, TPU filament) #rameerez
Backup bot data as of today in case of another emergency #rameerez
Reimport all old IG data and restore growth #rameerez
Create script to convert super-desperate XML IG bot backup into valid JSONs to reimport with their tool #rameerez
Design crypto keychain #rameerez
Post crypto coasters to shop #rameerez