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Give insights in exploration mode: "what am I seeing?" #madrides
Continously add tracks on start to make it a seamless animation (wallpaper-like) #madrides
Try to redirect or hide *.html to not .html #madrides
Email EMT and Madrid city council when big launch #madrides
Add tooltip with info to bars/pubs/stations layers #madrides


Add/remove watermark option on export window #hustl
"Go fullscreen" visual bug: goes up and left #hustl
PHM after #hustl launch #personal2
Export to mp4 to share on Twitter #hustl
Add to Electron repository #hustl
Add shortcut configuration to settings page (hardcoded to cmd+shift+5) (suggested by @jonnotie) #hustl


Do a ton of customer support #wakefy
Add remote pause controls from UI, can be confusing to look for the Spotify app when the alarm goes off (requested per multiple users, last one Dave via email) #wakefy
"Enjoying Wakefy? You can thank me with a ūüćļ!" Donorbox - Ana M suggestion #wakefy
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Check why 0.2.1 patch is not working #wakefy
Feature request: setting for Wakefy alarm volume (daniel_eckler, Mantas, Stef K) #wakefy
Add press logos to landing page #wakefy


Submit Decidr to Ionic app showcase #decidr
API: Send daily poll summary to creator #decidr
API: Save invitation emails #decidr
Webapp: Add gender + age after voting "email" popup #decidr
API: Add "source" field to poll (created from webapp, mobile app, chatbot) #decidr
Launch: Write blog post about pivots #decidr
Launch: mailing to interested users / leads from old DB #decidr
What if first registered via Telegram and then login to app #decidr
Webapp: Add poll analytics dashboard (with unique analytics dashboard url) #decidr
API: Infer city and save to DB #decidr
Users should confirm email when registering #decidr
Gather positive feedback to update testimonials section + add to thank you email + update post on social networks #decidr


People doesn't get it's flexible --> video #kibbles
Add video ‚Äúhow to install product‚ÄĚ on product description #kibbles

Without a product

Fix escape user name on psql if the strings has hyphens #multirail
Add cap production rails:console task to capistrano #multirail