Brainstorm a huge list of name ideas with the gf, check availability and brand research, decide on a brand archetype #ai
Get and review first round of feedback #momoise
Integrate Amplitude #momoise
Write emails for professors
Give feedback on others' projects #momoise
Make weekly report with analytics and stuff #Momoise
Read state of the art papers for AI project and figure out a way to improve state of the art results
Be a β€œguest lecturer” at a top #10 worldwide business school
Improve metrics dashboard with automatic analytics import #rameerez
Build charts to track user base, user growth, etc #decidr
Help friend with final bootcamp project presentation happening tomorrow
Launch in front of 100 first users #momoise
Plan, make and give talk with CBRE, Adecco, Fever and Iberdrola #Rameerez
Publish app for betatesters on Chrome Web Store #momoise