Swizec Teller

Do we live in a futuristic utopia or dystopia? Why?

Looking back we've come a long way, but we're lightyears from reaching "Utopia" status. I wonder if you can call a society a Utopia (suppose it checks all the boxes, think of something like The Culture from Iain Banks) if in-equality and suffering of millions is what got you there.

If I would have to bet money on where we're headed, I would put it all on Dystopia.

Jonny Platt

How do you synchronize projects between laptop(s) and desktop?

I moved away from Dropbox because it couldn't deal with node_modules, it would just be syncing for hours. You could exclude the folder, but that's just tedious to do for all your projects. They don't support exlusion patterns, something like .dbignore would be amazing but are unresponsive to requests. See this topic from 2014.

I've canceled my Dropbox Pro and moved to STACK which does support ignore patterns ( it's is a Dutch service, files are stored in The Netherlands ( which to me is a plus as well ) ). I'm not sure if it's available for customers outside of The Netherlands.

Someone posted a link to Resilio Sync in Dropbox topic, they apparently also support ignore patterns.

Thanks Rik, yes that's precisely the problem - 90,000 tiny wee files in a node folder for each project, plus composer's vendor etc. I think I need to get better at workflows too TBH, as it's not uncommon for me to sit down and get stuck on a bug for x minutes without realising I forgot composer install or similar.

Jordan Bowman

Where else do you guys hang out?

Twitter / FronteersNL Slack ( Dutch Front-end Community ) / WIP / Indie Hackers ( a little bit )

Pete "jajaja" Codes

what are some good rules for adding text over a background image /hero image

Make sure the contrast is acceptable ( test foreground and background color values here: http://contrastchecker.com ). If you have control over both the text and hero image it's a matter of composition.

  • If you don't know what hero image or text is going to be shown ( for instance when they're user defined ), you can improve contrast by adding a dark or bright overlay.

  • You can add the overlay on top of the entire image, or add a background color to the text element.

  • For FilePond I've opted for a gradient overlay, to make this look better than the default gradient overlay it's best to use an easing method. I'm using <canvas> so have to do the blending with JavaScript.

  • If you're using CSS you can use finely tuned linear gradients ( do note that these might impact performance ).

For more info, read this article on CSS-tricks: https://css-tricks.com/design-considerations-text-images/

Marc KΓΆhlbrugge

Let’s roast #WIP. Tell me everything that’s wrong with it and why it will fail.

Telegram is a horribly confusing communication medium. Fight me.

  • Difficult to find when, where, why and how someone @'s you
  • Difficult to track multiple conversations, or jump back to an earlier conversation
  • No groups? I think? I'm not sure.
  • Took me ages to find out there's a Telegram MacOS desktop client and I should use that to login. Yes I know, I'm a dummy.
  • It just seems very opaque.

Another communication platform could work better. Certainly, as WIP grows the problems above will only get bigger.

Totally with you on this one... Not a fan.

Ricardo Rojo

How do handle VAT for European and not European clients? Do you use any tools?

I couldn't be bothered so went with Gumroad, they handle it for me so I can focus on my products.

Looks like a good solution for selling products online. For the fees in the card i would say they have stripe integrated.

Paddle is another good option. They take care of this for you as well.

Joel Baudin

For all you shippers that are parents: how do you structure your days?

I work on own projects and two client projects. When I'm not working, it's the own projects that linger, the client projects I stop thinking about when I close my text editor.

Marc KΓΆhlbrugge

Should there be a paid option to β€˜fix’ a broken streak? #wip

To be completely honest, I think this will only motivate me to game the system. I have occasionally "shipped" on a Sunday because I've answered a support request. It's not really shipping in my mind, but I just wanted to hold on to that number so much.

The number doesn't really represent a healthy work/life balance. I think shipping 365 days a year without taking a break isn't considered healthy. When I started out I checked of todo's daily to keep that number going, but now I just like the todo history page it creates. The streak has a really prominent place on the homepage but does it really represent what wip.chat is all about ( is it about shipping or about having a community that helps each other ship )? How about the number resets at the start of each month? Or is lowered when you miss a day? These are some questions that popped into my mind while contemplating the streak.

I think I'll let go of my streak today. Not because I'm for or against paying to retain it, but because I just realized that it's not the reason why I'm using wip.chat

Joel Baudin

For all you shippers that are parents: how do you structure your days?

Two kids (8-month year old daughter and 2,5-year-old son). Going to keep it short as it's five o clock.

I work from home and have in-ear headphones to block sound, as otherwise, it's just too distracting. I try to keep to strict hours as other wise I don't get work done ( 8 to 5, no weekends ). As I've got RSI this is not a big problem, work too much and my arms will start aching.

I've disabled all my notifications so my mind is with my kids when I'm having a day off. It will still race off thinking about products and what to build by itself but no notifications makes a big difference. I'm trying to BE there with them as much as possible.

I love that I am here to see them grow up but I hate that my brain is not always there. It's a double-edged sword.

Sjoerd Huininga

How do you handle source control?

Bitbucket for private (free), github for public. I’m a noob so also use Sourcetree.

Amrith Shanbhag

what's your thoughts on a one-time fee for tech things?

It's not sustainable if the product requires support / updates. So basically anything except static assets. :)

Jurn W

What project of yours are you most proud of making and why?

For me, that would be Eve of Impact, without a doubt. It's an iOS game I designed and build from scratch in 2010 / 2011.

To pull it off I had to learn Obj-C, C, OpenGL-ES and things like memory management. Wrote my own game loop, particle engine, render engine, interface event manager, the whole shebang.

It took me two years (on and off / evening hours) to build. Released in October 2011, so it's now more than 7 years old, still looks great IMHO. I think in that 7 years it netted around 20K.

http://eveofimpact.com β˜„οΈ

If you're interested in the source, you can find it at:

Shaked Klein Orbach πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ

what do you use instead of date pickers?

It all depends on your use case, dropdowns are a nightmare to get right as setting the dropdown for months influences the amount of options in the dropdown for days. Same goes for years.

If you're asking a user to input a birthdate it doesn't really make sense to show a date picker, as the actual day and week doesn't really matter, also, each and everyone of us have our birthdates memorized as a set of numbers, so offering separate input fields allows for quicker input.

I mostly test if <input type="date"/> is supported, if so, leave it alone (the device will show a date picker). Else, offer input fields based on the options described above.

Armin Ulrich

How much can i charge for bringing you 1000 Users/Clicks ?

So i'm building this plugin https://pqina.nl/filepond/ and am planning to create a Vue.js wrapper, is that something I could advertise on your platform? As it's not really made with Vue.js but made for Vue.js

Michael Alade

How do I add pictures to my todos?

  1. Mark your task as done in Telegram

  2. Drop an image on the chat window

  3. Pick the compress option to make it work

Jill Binder

How to do CSS positioning that shows the whole thing on one page without the user having to scroll down?

I haven't done this in a while but in the past I've had success with getting the window.innerWidth and innerHeight with JavaScript (on page load) and setting it to the &lt;body&gt; element as width and height. Then add overflow:hidden and presto.