#filepond publish source of all plugins
#filepond open source all js-only plugins
#filepond open source metadata and file rename plugins
#filepond fix issue where aborting a file load didn't work at the file prepare stage
#filepond fix issue where zero byte files would not upload
#filepond add status property to filepond instance
#filepond Add onactivatefile which is called when a user clicks or taps on a file item.
#filepond Add onprocessfiles which is called when all files have been processed.
#filepond Fix problem where the field would not "exist" if it had no value. Now if FilePond is empty the internal file input element is given the name attribute, this is removed when a file is added (as the name is then present on the file's hidden input element).
#filepond Fix problem where upload error would prevent processing of other files.
#filepond Fix problem where addFiles would not correctly map passed options to files.
#slim add will-load-canvas callback so devs can modify the image data before Slim loads it