Rik Schennink
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  • 📅 Nov '17
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#life create Gumroad desktop app with Flotato
#doka publish 5.7.0 adding cropResizeMatchImageAspectRatio to automatically adjust the aspect ratio if the user zooms out
#doka add option to disable exif orientation correction
#doka add cropping outside of image bounds
#doka add electron and tailwind css to frameworks section
#doka tweet about what drives devs to purchase commercial solutions over open source ones
#life share Envato product sales divided over days of the week
#doka launch Doka.Photo on Product Hunt
#doka shoot not-the-best-but-oh-well quality video of doka.photo
#doka update doka.photo ref text
#doka Chris Heilmann sharing Doka on Twitter
#doka add a "free" listing on dev.to
#doka fix issue with dragging and scrolling at the same time
#doka identify all customer company types