Avi Aryan

Questions on getting started with domain flipping

I wouldn't use GoDaddy. Literally anything else is better. Their UI is so confusing and I'm just not a fan. I'm a big fan of Google Domains, but Namecheap and a few others look promising, too. I really like DomainHolder too. It makes a for sale page for your domain. Literally all you have to do is make an A record to their domain and TXT record with your email where potentials buyers can contact you.


Much of the domain flipping business just involves patience. Chances are if you buy a domain and then immediately reach out to the brand you are talking about, they won't be interested because you just bought it, and they probably would have bought it before you but they didn't because they weren't interested. Having a domain in your portfolio for 5-10+ years increases the chances of it being inquired about because the number of decent domain names is drastically decreasing. It took me a few hours to find a domain name for a side project I'm working on, they aren't many good ones left :)

Thanks for your advice. DomainHolder looks interesting. If I decide to purchase the domain, I'll give it a try.

Btw, I am not good with long term investments. But I will think on my domain and the possibilities more and evaluate to see if it can be worth it. Thanks for sharing your expertise.