Update Dwolla API calls to use new API #cents
(BMT) Create cards for remaining items and update client
(BMT) Merge updates, make fixes and deploy
(VV) Create workflow for Inmate and Visitor video calls
Review Dwolla Demo checklist and add todos for whats needed #cents
Review pre-Product Hunt launch neccessities #cents
Add Dwolla Privacy & Terms to registration #cents
(VV) Finish Design updates & dashboard
(VV) Hookup Date API calls to restrict dates on calendar
(VV) Setup VV project
(CP) Add new tasks to Trello
Add Privacy Policy #cents
Add Terms & Conditions #cents
(VV) Add customization and updates to reservation system based off of call
(GCH) Call to discuss proposal and partnership
(GCH) Prepare proposal for stage 1
(VV) Speak with client about status & needed extra hours
(VV) Hookup SF Facilities & Inmates to API
(BMT) Deploy latest code base to Forge and send to Randall for feedback
Create todo/cleanup list for ProductHunt launch #cents
(BMT) Fix backend/frontend bugs before sending to client
(VV) Send status email and link to clients for feedback
(VV) Deploy API to Forge
(VV) Deploy SF to Forge
(VV) Push to gitlab and share with clients