Ang J

what courses do you sell?

Selling a course you're gonna love about an unreachable dream for $4999.

Alexander Kluge

Email server for local PHP development on macOS

I usually use mailtrap to test email sending.

+1 for mailtrap. If you're using Laravel, it's insanely easy to integrate.

Brahma Reddy Chilakala

What are the best resources to learn advanced Sketch?

I installed Sketch for the first time this morning and kinda got the hang of the basics and got my first mock up (for client) designed.
I used Gravit in the past, but Sketch is a lot faster and smoother. Similar functionality.

Zaheer Baloch

Is it OK to use Telegram or Twitter DM as contacts instead of email or Intercom chatbox?

Rather have a contact box and ask for their email address with a message within your site.
Let any submissions go to a DB or Email yourself.

@marcantoinefon (Corgi) is building something that notifies you via telegram.

And then you can just respond via email manually if its worth your time.

Also, no more spam... I got a lot of spam when I had my email addy on my site.. It disappeared after I replaced it with a contact box. :D


Anyone knows free email hosting options that allow custom domains?

Haven't seen free ones, but there are really cheap ones. I just got a shared hosting plan for like $3 p/m (from a shared web hosting provider) and I've got like 10 domains and 15+ inboxes hooked up.

Harry Dry

How to grow a blog?

Write a lot - often thought provoking / controversial stuff. Share everywhere.

When I was in High School (like 8 years ago) I had a blogger site where I wrote and shared random stuff... I just discovered Linux, was massively impressed and went out of my way to burn Windows -> shared on both a Windows Forum and Ubuntu Forum.
Got like 30+ comments, from both haters and those who liked the article. And my adsense revenue sky-rocketed. :P

cheers man. good advice

Ronald Langeveld

How did you make your first ever $1 online?

YouTube + Google Adsense πŸ˜‚

Same, it was the first time I made some bucks online 😼when I was 16 y/o and bored during the summer ahah

Brahma Reddy Chilakala

How do you verify email addresses for your project?

  1. Verify that the user actually entered an email address?
    In this case, use a regex script frontend (JS) and/or server side to validate the format of

  2. Verify that the email the user entered is actually his/her address? Send out a verification email with a once-off link to validate. Not sure what your stack is, but most frameworks have that built in as a start.

Alternatively if you're building a platform that requires login - use Magic Login so that users can only login with an email address, as this will give users a bit of an incentive to use real valid addresses - Same goes for paid subscriptions.

Thanks for the reply. I am using ReactJS for Frontend and NodeJS for backend. Verification email option seems good to me.

Shaked Klein Orbach πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ

is it possible to recover deleted files from a flash drive? (If so, how?)

A few years ago I recovered deleted photos from an SD Card using software I downloaded.. I honestly can't remember the name of the software but it's somewhere along the lines of Rescue Recover or something like that.

But yeah, I guess it's sort of possible.

Marc KΓΆhlbrugge

Any insights or personal experiences with β€œpurchasing power parity” for SaaS?

I've been playing around with Paddle (since we don't have Stripe in SA), and they have a built in feature with their JS plugin that detects the user's location and give localised pricing if it's set like that. So it's definitely something businesses are experimenting with.

When you say localized pricing does that include discounting the price based on purchasing power? Or just a currency exchange?

Like you can set a price for each currency. In this example it would be 119 ZAR (Β± $10) for SA based users and the rest of the world would see 14.99 USD.

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 16.52.54.png

I see. That’s handy!

Also services like Spotify localise their pricing for exactly the same service.. Like in the US it's $10, 10 pounds in the UK and 10 EUR in Europe.. And then, R60 (Β±4 Euros) in SA and I think in SE Asia like Thailand and the Philippines it's even cheaper.

Marc KΓΆhlbrugge

Would you sign up for a weekly WIP email digest? #wip

I think a WIP Channel on Telegram that sends out important updates periodically would be ideal.. Way better than email..

a telegram channel can be excelent, but it not give you the flexibility for a newsletter.

True.... but on the other hand, you can publish more without giving it at spammy feeling that emails does when it comes too often.

Alex Kluew

Are there any security implications around magic link/passwordless apps?

I recently implemented this. Set it to expire after a few minutes. Think thats quite safe.

But yeah I think the biggest security risk is if the user gets their email hacked.... But that's for anything really. You can even go via "Forgot Password" to get access to an account if you have your inbox compromised.

Harry Dry

What was your biggest breakthrough as an Indie Hacker?

Still working on my breakthrough. :D

same. had no breakthrough projects. i just think i understand the game better

What I have learnt though, is the more I do it, the more I learn how to execute better and build faster without wasting too much time on stupid stuff.

Akshay Kadam (A2K)

Best Windows Laptop with $800 budget ?

Whatever you buy, format the harddrive and all the bloatware that comes with and install a Linux distro. :)


How to block spam email domains to signup for the website?

I've noticed a sign up with facebook/twitter and grabbing email address from there greatly reduces spam. :)